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(Last Updated On: April 11, 2020)

Best Way To Lose Weight

It’s not unusual, or unreasonable, for you to be looking for the best way to lose weight quickly. The sooner you lose weight, the sooner you’ll be feeling fitter, healthier and more confident about yourself and the way people see you. There’s nothing wrong with your objective, but you have to make sure that your goal is realistic and achievable. One of the commonest problems in weight loss is that people will lose weight, but will then put it all back on again. This is known as yo-yo dieting, and will probably be familiar to many of you. In addition, fast weight loss carries a health risk if you diet too aggressively and lose weight too quickly.

What we’re really looking for is the best way to lose weight quickly, and keep the weight off.

Quick Ways to Lose Weight

There are several diets around which will help you to lose weight quickly. A good example is the Atkins Diet, which you are probably aware of. There are meal replacement products available, which usually involve drinking a specially formulated “milk shake” for each meal. These can also work extremely quickly, but many people find that once they go back to regular meals, the weight comes back on. Another of the favorite ways to lose weight fast is to use appetite suppressants, which do work, but many people find the same problem – you have to keep taking them (and keep buying them, of course!)

If you do decide to try one of these methods, please make sure you take some medical advice, or at least ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely – there is always a danger that your body will be missing out of vital vitamins and nutrients, and this can have adverse effects on your health – not the result you’re looking for.

Quick Weight Loss – the Right Way

Some medical authorities recommend losing no more than 3lbs per week – that means that in a month, you should lose no more than about 12lbs, which may not seem enough for you, but think about this. What would you rather do? Lose 25lbs in a month, then put it back on, then lose 15lbs in another month, then put 20lbs back on again, and so on? Or lose 10lbs a month, consistently, month on month, for a year? That’s 120lbs! Even the most overweight of people would achieve their dieting goals if they managed that rate of weight loss. So there’s nothing wrong with wanting to lose 20 – 30lbs per month, but you need to think about a) your long-term objectives, and b) if you think you could keep up a very high rate of fat reduction.

If you have trouble with motivation, and keeping to diets, then you probably do want to lose fat fast, to give yourself an psychological boost. The best way is to chose a fast weight loss method, but apply it less aggressively than it’s meant to be done. Then combine this with a regular exercise routine – remember, “no pain, no gain”, or in our case, “no pain, no loss”! Exercise burns fat, and will help your metabolism speed up, which leads to faster results in a healthier way.

Quick Weight Loss Tips

Here’s a summary of what we’ve looked at, in easy to remember bullet-point format.

  • Set reasonable and achievable fast weight loss objectives
  • Select a quick weight loss method that suits your lifestyle
  • Make sure you understand any health risks – talk to your doctor!
  • Start your fast weight loss program – but not too fast!
  • Build an exercise routine into your diet program
  • Remember that consistency and persistence are better than too much too soon

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